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National Freight Strategic Plan Expected by End of July

Thursday, March 10, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Department of Transportation has established an April 25 deadline for comments on any aspect of the draft National Freight Strategic Plan it released last October. DOT states that while it has already received numerous comments it understands that there are many who have been waiting for specific instructions about the end of the comment period. DOT is planning to use the comments submitted in preparing a final plan by the end of July.

The draft plan includes the following elements.

- an assessment of the conditions and performance of the national freight network

- an identification of bottlenecks on that network that create significant freight congestion

- forecasts of freight volumes

- an identification of major trade gateways and national freight corridors

- an assessment of statutory, regulatory, technological, institutional, financial and other barriers to improved freight transportation performance, including a description of opportunities for overcoming these barriers

- an identification of corridors providing access to energy exploration, development, installation or production areas

- an identification of best practices for improving the performance of the national freight network

- an identification of best practices to mitigate the impacts of freight movement on communities

- a process for addressing multistate projects and encouraging jurisdictions to collaborate

- strategies to improve freight intermodal connectivity

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