Goods imported into a foreign-trade zone and subject to specific operations (e.g., assembly, manufacture, processing, repackaging, repair, storage, and destruction) are not subject to duty unless they leave the zone for domestic consumption, and even then users can choose the lower duty rate between the component materials and the finished product. In addition, some U.S. states offer additional tax benefits for using FTZs.

ST&R’s experienced professionals can help you determine whether using an FTZ is feasible for your business model and then complete all the steps necessary to maximize your benefits.

To secure proper authority we can file, prepare, and secure approval of all possible filings with the FTZ Board, from establishing or modifying sites under the traditional or alternative site frameworks to engaging in or updating production authority.

To get your site up and running we can coordinate and advocate with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, including by developing and submitting activation applications, securing FTZ operator bonds, conducting security walk-throughs, and choosing third-party software providers.

To aid operations once your site is in place, we can help you develop marketing plans and materials, comply with ongoing legal and reporting requirements, conduct on-site audits and spot checks of zone projects, and secure duty deferral for production equipment imported for use in the zone.

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Why Use ST&R's Foreign-Trade Zones Services

Duty Savings: FTZs offer legal and efficient ways to reduce or delay your company's duty burden.

Discernment: Different arrangements are suitable to different circumstances. ST&R professionals have the ability to review your operations and define the best option for your company.

Experience: ST&R professionals have developed and structured hundreds of FTZ projects, negotiated numerous FTZ contracts on behalf of companies, and worked extensively with relevant federal agencies.

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