Section 301 actions are designed to allow the U.S. to impose trade sanctions on foreign countries that violate trade agreements or engage in unfair trade pratices.  These duties can add significantly to the cost of imported goods, and staying on top of current coverage, duty rates, and implementation dates can be a challenge.

ST&R’s accomplished attorneys are knowledgeable about the recent Section 301 actions against China and France, and can provide recommendations on how to legally mitigate the impact of the additional tariffs the U.S. has levied on hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of imported goods. 

Why Use ST&R’s Section 301 Services

Cost savings: ST&R’s deep knowledge of customs and trade can supply you with strategies to minimize Section 301 duties. 

Minimizing exposure: We have successfully worked with companies on tariff and operational engineering to limit the impact of Section 301 duties. 

Experience: Proven results obtaining successful Section 301 exclusions for numerous industries, including electronics, medical devices, autos, textiles, and metals.

Key Contacts

Kristen S. Smith

Partner, Advisory Committee; Trade Remedies Practice Group Leader


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