Miscellaneous tariff bills are three-year reductions or suspensions of duties on specific imported goods, primarily intermediate products or materials. MTBs can yield tremendous cost savings for companies but they must comply with strict requirements to be eligible for congressional consideration. ST&R expertly guides petitioners through the MTB process, including reviewing import data to identify duty suspension opportunities, analyzing compliance with applicable requirements, drafting and filing effective petitions, and working with federal agencies and congressional staff to remove potential obstacles.

Why Use ST&R’s MTB Services

Effectiveness: ST&R has secured passage of over 250 product specific provisions in the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill, resulting in duty free status and reduced duty status for those goods.

Cost savings: ST&R duty suspension and reduction on imported goods on an MFN basis has saved millions of dollars for clients.

Facilitating trade: ST&R removes tariff barriers for legitimate goods and protects U.S. manufacturers as well.

Key Contacts

J. Nicole Bivens Collinson

Managing Principal, Operating Committee; International Trade & Government Relations Practice Leader


David F. Olave

Associate & Trade Policy Advisor


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