CBP issues a CF 28 (request for information) when it needs more facts to accurately determine a product's classification, valuation, origin, qualification for duty preferences, or compliance with applicable rules and regulations. A CF 29 (notice of action) signals that CBP intends to take, or has taken, steps to assess correct duties and ensure regulatory compliance. Both documents require quick responses, and failure to take them seriously can result in higher costs and even fines and penalties.

Importers can help lower the chances of receiving a CF 29 or CF 29 by requesting a ruling from CBP that answers questions on the above issues with respect to shipments they intend to undertake. Similarly, they can seek internal advice from CBP if transactions are already occurring and they disagree with CBP's treatment of them.

Protests are the only way to challenge a CBP decision once an entry has been liquidated. Filing a protest can lower duties or ease regulatory compliance requirements. While there are no mandatory formats for protests, they must be filed within 180 days of liquidation.

ST&R helps companies respond effectively to CBP inquiries to minimize negative impacts and obtain rulings favorable to their operations. We also identify when a protest would be advantageous, compile and submit effective protests, and advocate for our clients' interests before CBP to maximize the chances of successful resolution.

Why Use ST&R’s Customs Inquiries, Rulings & Protests Services

Discernment. Our experienced staff, many of whom have worked in the relevant CBP departments, can determine which tool is most effective for addressing your specific situation and achieving your desired outcome. 

Effectiveness. We file hundreds of ruling requests, protests and other documents with CBP each year and utilize time-tested methods that offer the best chance of successful resolution.

Cost Savings. Our effective representation can help minimize the chances of penalties, delays, and other disruptions to your operations.


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