There are different types of bonded facilities and movements that can be used to defer or avoid duties, taxes, and fees on imported merchandise. ST&R professionals can evaluate how each of these programs might benefit your business, assess your expected return on investment, and assist with applications, implementation, operations, and compliance.

Bonded warehouses can be used to store or manipulate imported goods without payment of duty for up to five years. There are various classes of bonded warehouses that can be utilized to fit your company’s supply chain strategy.

In-bond movements (immediate transportation, immediate exportation, or transportation and exportation entries) allow goods to be shipped from a port of entry to another location in the U.S. without payment of duties, taxes, or fees. Once an in-bond shipment reaches its destination the goods must be entered into U.S. commerce, placed into a bonded facility, or exported.

Container freight stations are secure areas under CBP custody where importers can open cargo containers and rearrange or consolidate their contents prior to making entry and paying duty. These facilities are often used in conjunction with in-bond movements and bonded warehouses.

Temporary importation bonds allow duty-free treatment for up to three years for a limited range of goods imported temporarily with the intent to be exported or destroyed. Goods brought in under a TIB may be repaired, altered, or processed, including processes that result in goods manufactured or produced in the U.S.

Why Use ST&R’s Bonded Facility and Movement Services

Discernment: Different programs are suitable to different circumstances. ST&R professionals have the experience to review your specific operations and identify the best options for your company. 

Compliance: Complex rules often lead to compliance difficulties, which can result in liquidated damages claims or penalties. Our trusted professionals help you understand the rules affecting your shipments and steer clear of trouble.

Cost savings: Companies across the supply chain have utilized ST&R to lower import duties and increase their competitiveness in the U.S. market.


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