The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism offers benefits for importers, customs brokers, warehouse operators, carriers, foreign manufacturers and suppliers, and others that meet specified criteria for strengthening the security of their international supply chains. Some of these benefits are provided by CBP, such as fewer cargo examinations and shorter border wait times. Many others stem from the rigorous internal review process companies conduct when applying and the ongoing measures they take as active participants; e.g., remedying noncompliance in their import processes and lowering costs by improving operational efficiencies.

ST&R effectively guides companies through the CTPAT process, including risk assessments that highlight and resolve issues prior to the significant government scrutiny that accompanies a formal application, completing the detailed supply chain profile questionnaires, and the certification, validation, and revalidation processes.

Why Use ST&R’s CTPAT & Supply Chain Security Services

Predictability: being a CTPAT certified importer allows for shorter wait times, which brings greater certainty to business planning operations.

Knowledge: ST&R professionals understand the new CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria and can help your company comply.


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