Antidumping duties counter imports sold below home market costs, and can add significantly to the cost of imported goods. Staying on top of current coverage, duty rates, and other factors can be a challenge.

ST&R’s accomplished attorneys provide trusted assistance through the entire AD process, including the initial investigations that determine whether new orders will be imposed, annual administrative reviews that can change AD duty rates, scope reviews that can modify affected goods, and sunset reviews that can lead to order termination.

Why Use ST&R’s Antidumping Duty Services

Cost savings: ST&R’s pre-investigation and pre-review audits help develop strategies to minimize your exposure to Antidumping duties.

Minimizing exposure: We have successfully litigated cases that narrow the scope of AD duty orders and lower duty rates.

Experience: Proven results obtaining beneficial outcomes for numerous industries, including chemicals, electronics, textiles and apparel, steel, aluminum, consumer goods, flooring, paper, and food.

Key Contacts

Kristen S. Smith

Member, Trade Remedies Practice Group Leader



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