Investigations and audits of your export transactions and compliance measures can take up valuable time and result in monetary penalties, restrictions on your operations, and negative publicity. ST&R works side-by-side with companies to conduct internal compliance reviews to identify and remedy weaknesses before they become a problem, and to assist in voluntary self-disclosures and mitigation plans. If a government investigation is launched, ST&R’s experienced professionals help you mount a strong defense, including in court if necessary, and minimize negative outcomes.

Why Choose ST&R for Investigations, Voluntary Self-Disclosures & Audits

Compliance: We can help you identify and implement remedial actions that can help minimize the negative consequences of compliance problems or violations.

Penalties: Utilizing ST&R’s export counsel can substantially mitigate negative outcomes.


Key Contacts

Kristine Pirnia

Partner, Advisory Committee; Export Controls & Sanctions Practice Leader



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