Tariff classification is a fundamental aspect of international trade, affecting everything from duty rates to trade restrictions. Effective classification can minimize costs as well as exposure to government scrutiny, while errors can result in fines and penalties and slow shipment deliveries.

ST&R’s unsurpassed expertise in the complex rules of classification allows us to use every available tool to obtain favorable classifications while ensuring compliance.

Why Use ST&R’s Classification Services

Tariff reduction: ST&R helps clients use tariff engineering to legally reduce or avoid import tariffs, including Section 301 tariffs on imports from China and Section 232 tariffs on aluminum and steel products.

Cost savings: ST&R regularly uses responses to CBP inquiries (including CF 28s/29s), protests, and other administrative measures to counter CBP’s claims of classification under high-duty HTSUS provisions and lower importers' duty burden.

Enforcement: Proactive compliance reviews and programs can identify additional savings, lower costs, and ease the burden of CBP enforcement actions.


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