Global supply chain challenges, including those related to the COVID-19 pandemic, have sparked a rise in shipping prices which could violate statutory requirements under the Shipping Act, including failure to honor contract rates and quantities and the assessment of unreasonable demurrage and detention fees. An increasing number of shippers are filing complaints with the Federal Maritime Commission challenging these violations and seeking reparations, which may include freight costs, unreasonable demurrage fees, and lost business and profits. ST&R’s experienced professionals can help you build a  strong complaint and litigate before the FMC to seek recoupment of these charges or negotiate pre-complaint settlements with shipping companies.

Why Use ST&R’s FMC Services

Experience: The process of filing an action with the FMC largely mirrors that of an action filed in the Court of International Trade or district court, and ST&R’s attorneys have decades of experience successfully prosecuting such cases. ST&R’s litigation is backed by our team of experienced government relations professionals who can build support for negotiated settlements and favorable administrative tribunal outcomes.

Perspective: Our litigation team includes former FMC officials, DOJ litigators, freight forwarders and former administration and congressional staff who are well-suited to plan and execute strategies to support claims and effectively respond to counter arguments.

Results: One unique feature of FMC litigation is the emphasis on facilitating early resolution, and ST&R is skillful in negotiating settlements on terms favorable to clients. If litigation is necessary, our attorneys are thorough, savvy, and aggressive in pursuing positive outcomes while minimizing interruptions to your business.

Key Contacts

Jason M. Kenner

Member, Litigation Practice Leader


Edward Steiner

Senior Director, International Trade & Government Relations



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