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Military Critical Tech Data, FTZ Application Info Collections Under Review

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Military Critical Tech Data. The Department of Defense is accepting through Feb. 26 comments on form DD 2345, Military Critical Technical Data Agreement. This form provides access to unclassified DoD export-controlled militarily critical technical data subject to the provisions of 32 CFR 250. Enterprises and individuals that need access to this unclassified data must certify on form DD 2345 that the data will be used only in ways that will inhibit unauthorized access and maintain the protection afforded by U.S. export control laws.

FTZ Application.The International Trade Administration is accepting through Feb. 26 comments on the Foreign-Trade Zone application, which allows individual firms or organizations to apply for FTZ status, subzone status, production authority or expansion/reorganization of an existing zone. The application must contain detailed information on facilities, financing, operational plans, proposed production operations, need and economic impact. Production activity in zones or subzones can involve issues related to domestic industry and trade policy impact. Such applications must include specific information on the customs tariff-related savings that result from zone procedures and the economic consequences of permitting such savings. 

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