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Dates and Deadlines: Informed Compliance, AEO, Origin Marking, Classification, ACE

Friday, September 08, 2017
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Following are highlights of regulatory effective dates and deadlines and federal agency meetings coming up in the next week.

Sept. 11 – deadline for comments to ITC on potential remedial orders against personal transporters

Sept. 12 – ST&R webinar: Meeting CBP’s Informed Compliance and Reasonable Care Standards

Sept. 12 – meeting of BIS Regulations and Procedures Technical Advisory Committee

Sept. 13 – ST&R webinar: Understanding Mexico’s AEO Program

Sept. 13 – deadline for comments on potential IPR infringement investigations of Wi-Fi enabled devices, omega-3 products

Sept. 14 – ST&R webinar: A Product of Where? Country of Origin Marking 101

Sept. 14 – effective date of USDA final rule allowing imports of Hass avocados from Colombia

Sept. 15 – deadline for comments to USTR on Caribbean trade preference program

Sept. 15 – deadline for comments to USDA on reducing regulatory burden

Sept. 15 – deadline for comments to CBP on proposed revocation and modification of rulings

Sept. 16 – ACE deployment of non-ABI entry summary, duty deferral, e214, and manufacturer ID functionality

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