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Foreign Air Carrier Security Program Information Collection Under Review

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Transportation Security Administration will accept comments no later than Nov. 29 on the proposed extension of an information collection on security programs for foreign air carriers.

Foreign air carriers must carry out security measures to provide for the safety of persons and property traveling on flights provided by the carrier against acts of criminal violence and air piracy and the introduction of explosives, incendiaries, or weapons aboard an aircraft. The foreign carrier’s security program must provide a level of protection similar to that provided by U.S. aircraft operators serving the same airports, and the foreign carrier must employ procedures equivalent to those required of U.S. aircraft operators serving the same airports if TSA determines such procedures are necessary to provide a similar level of protection.

This information collection is mandatory for foreign air carriers and must be submitted prior to entry into the U.S. It includes providing information to TSA as set forth in the carrier’s security program, which includes any amendments; maintaining records of compliance with 49 CFR part 1546 and the carrier’s security program, including security training records; suspicious incident reporting; and submitting identifying information on flight crews and passengers.

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