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Energy Efficiency Standards for Thermoelectric Cooling Systems Under Consideration

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Department of Energy will accept comments no later than Jan. 14, 2016, that address whether and how it should regulate the energy efficiency of certain miscellaneous refrigeration products that operate via non-traditional technology. Contrary to cooling devices that use a conventional compressor/condenser-based system, the DOE is specifically interested in products that use a thermoelectric-based refrigeration system; e.g., certain types of wine and beverage chillers.

The DOE is particularly interested in comments on the following.

- the number, location, size, product offering, and business structure of the original equipment manufacturers producing thermoelectric coolers for sale in the U.S. market

- which OEMs sell products directly to the U.S. market and which serve the U.S. market indirectly through private labelers

- the U.S. market shares (in terms of total shipments) of both the thermoelectric cooler private labelers and OEMs

- the analysis of engineering improvements noted by the DOE that would bring energy efficiency levels up to recommended standards

- whether there are any substantive issues with relying on information furnished by private labelers who purchase thermoelectric-based MREFs for purposes of DOE's manufacturer impacts analysis

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