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USDA Reviewing Information Collections on Farm Equipment, Pork and Poultry

Tuesday, December 05, 2017
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is requesting comments no later than Feb. 2 on the proposed extension of the information collections associated with the following.

Farm equipment. APHIS regulations prohibit the importation of used farm equipment from regions where foot-and-mouth disease or rinderpest are considered to exist unless the equipment has been steam-cleaned prior to export so that it is free of exposed dirt and other particulate matter. Such equipment must be accompanied by an original certificate, signed by an authorized official of the national animal health service of the exporting region, stating that such treatment was completed.

Pork and poultry. APHIS allows (1) pork and pork products from certain Mexican states to transit the U.S., under seal, for export to another country, (2) poultry carcasses, parts, products, and eggs (other than hatching eggs) that do not qualify for entry into the U.S. to transit the U.S. via land ports, for immediate export, from Mexican states that Mexico considers to be free of Newcastle disease, and (3) the importation of poultry meat and poultry products from the Mexican states of Sinaloa and Sonora if imported according to APHIS’ requirements. To ensure these items are safe for importation, APHIS requires information collection activities such as foreign meat inspection certificates, serially numbered seals, applications for import permits, emergency action notification, and pre-arrival notifications.

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