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OTI License Applications

Thursday, March 19, 2020
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Federal Maritime Commission has given notice that the following have filed applications (a) for ocean transportation intermediary licenses as non-vessel operating common carriers and/or ocean freight forwarders or (b) to amend an existing OTI license or the qualifying individual for a licensee.

- 5G Enterprises LLC, Memphis, TN (new OFF license)

- Amazon Logistics Inc., Seattle, WA (QI change)

- Cargozoom Logistics Inc., Old Bridge, NJ (new NVO and OFF license)

- CJ Logistics U.S.A. Corporation dba CJ Logistics Service Corporation, Rancho Dominguez, CA (name change to CJ Logistics Holdings America Corporation dba CJ Logistics Service Corporation)

- Donya Logistics LLC dba Donya Logistics dba Donya Trading Group, Boise, ID (license transfer from California to Idaho and removal of trade names Donya Logistics and Donya Trading Group)

- Dyna Logistics Inc., Compton, CA (QI change)

- Franco Vago International Inc., Springfield Gardens, NY (QI change)

- Global Cargo Alliance Corp., Miami, FL (QI change)

- Greymar International Freight LLC, Miami, FL (new NVO license)

- Hermes International Shipping LLC, Jersey City, NJ (new NVO license)

- Jury Trans Inc., Miami, FL (new NVO license)

- Leesa Forwarding Inc., El Monte, CA (new NVO and OFF license)

- North Connect LLC, Miami, FL (new NVO and OFF license)

- NY Baltic Auto Shipping Inc., Newark, NJ (new NVO and OFF license)

- Orly Industry Inc., Irvington, NJ (new NVO license)

- Vector Logistics (Private) Limited, Karachi, Pakistan (new NVO license)

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