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FMC to Review Regulations on NVOCCs, Carriers, MTOs, Tariffs, OTIs

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Federal Maritime Commission’s Regulatory Reform Task Force has identified FMC regulations on the following issues as suitable for reform or elimination and established a schedule in which to consider further action. The FMC states that each of these items is expected to involve a rulemaking process that includes soliciting public comment, conducting further staff review and analysis, and recommending action to the full Commission. Through this process the FMC intends to remove outdated, ineffective, and unnecessary regulations or costs.

- non-vessel-operating common carrier service arrangements and negotiated rate arrangements: comment period on November 2017 proposed rule closes Jan. 29

- ocean common carrier and marine terminal operator agreements: submit recommendation to FMC for consideration by end of January

- licensing, financial responsibility requirements, and general duties for ocean transportation intermediaries: review and modify in 2018

- passenger vessel financial responsibility: review for modification or repeal in 2019

- carrier automated tariffs: review and modify in 2019

- MTO schedules: review and modify in 2019

- service contracts: review and modify in 2019 (last modifications took effect May 2017)

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