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New and Amended Maritime Agreements Filed

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Federal Maritime Commission has issued notice that the following new or amended agreements have been filed. Interested parties may submit comments by Jan. 3.

WWL/EUKOR/ARC/GLOVIS Cooperative Working Agreement – The amendment adds a new article 5.2 that authorizes the parties or any two or more of them to solicit bids for contracts covering the provision of tug services at ports in the trade and/or to negotiate and enter into joint and/or individual contracts with respect to such services. The amendment also makes corresponding changes to articles 2 and 5.3.

ECUS/ECSA Slot Exchange Agreement – The agreement authorizes the parties to FMC Agreement No. 012297 on the one hand and MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA on the other hand to exchange space on their respective services in the trade between the U.S. Atlantic Coast and ports in the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Panama, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina during the slack season. The parties are requesting expedited review.

Global Ports Group Agreement –The agreement authorizes the parties to discuss, exchange information, and coordinate on issues affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the container port industry.

Hoegh Autoliners and NYK Space Charter Agreement – The agreement authorizes Hoegh and NYK to share vessels and vessel space in the trade between ports and places in the U.S. and ports and places in a foreign country.

Memorandum of Agreement of July 1, 2015 Concerning Assessments to Provide Los Angeles Crane Operator Make Whole Pay – The agreement provides for payments to be made to certain crane operators in Los Angeles at the equivalent crane operator prevailing daily rate of pay regardless of the job they work and establishes the particular conditions under which PMA shall assess its members to provide for these payments.

Memorandum Agreement of the Pacific Maritime Association of December 14, 1983 Concerning Assessments to Pay ILWU-PMA Employee Benefit Costs, As Amended, Through May 12, 2011 – The amendment revises how the man-hour base assessment will be calculated.

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