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CBP, Export, Safeguard, Product Safety, and Other Information Collections Under Review

Monday, June 10, 2019
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The federal agencies listed below are seeking comments on the proposed extension or revision of information collections concerning the following.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

- safety standard for cigarette lighters (comments due by Aug. 5)

- flammability standards for children’s sleepwear (comments due by July 8)

- requirements pertaining to third-party conformity assessment bodies (comments due by July 8)

- safety standard for automatic residential garage door operators (comments due by July 8)

- safety standard for omnidirectional citizens band base station antennas (comments due by July 8)

- safety standard for walk-behind power lawn mowers (comments due by July 8)

- third-party testing of children’s products (comments due by July 8)

Department of Agriculture

- form 7350-1, request and notice of shipment of sealed meat/poultry (comments due by July 3)

Department of Commerce

- forms 748P, 748P-A, and 748P-B, Simple Network Application Process and multipurpose application form (comments due by July 3)

- information under the Highly Migratory Species trade program, the Antarctic Marine Living Resources trade program, the Tuna Tracking and Verification Program, and the Seafood Import Monitoring Program (comments due by Aug. 5)

- textile and apparel safeguard actions on imports from Oman (comments due by Aug. 6)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

- application to establish a centralized examination station (comments due by Aug. 5)

- recordkeeping requirements (comments due by Aug. 5)

- Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and Trusted Trader Program (comments due by July 5)

- form 3299, declaration for free entry of unaccompanied articles (comments due by Aug. 5)

- deferral of duty on large yachts imported for sale (comments due by July 5)

- form 6043, delivery ticket (comments due by Aug. 5)

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