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Filing of Import Documents for CDC-Regulated Goods Transitioned to ACE

Friday, December 30, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced an updated policy concerning the electronic transmission of CDC permits, forms, and documents through the Automated Commercial Environment using the Document Image System. The CDC states that this DIS capability will satisfy the agency’s data and electronic document requirements for any entry filed electronically in ACE and enable the trade community to have a U.S. Customs and Border Protection-managed single window for the electronic submission of data and documents required by CDC during the cargo importation and review process.

Currently the importation of CDC-regulated commodities into the U.S. customs territory typically requires the submission of one or more of the following documents.

- Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service/CDC Form 2 – Request to Transfer Select Agents and Toxins

- CDC Form 0.0728 – Permit to Import or Transfer Etiologic Agents or Vectors of Human Disease

- Rabies Vaccination Certificate (for dogs; must be issued by a licensed veterinarian)

- CDC Approval of Confinement Agreement Issuance Letter

- CDC Permission Letter – Permit to Import African Rodents, Civets, or Turtles

- CDC Nonhuman Primate Notification Message – confirmation to a registered importer of permission to import a nonhuman primate

- certification statement of a material that is not known to contain or suspected of containing an infectious biological agent or has been rendered noninfectious

Under the new policy, which is effective as of Dec. 30, importers and brokers who file electronic entries for CDC-regulated items are required to (1) obtain a copy of the permit/permission letter, form, or document for submission to the DIS (see notice for details), (2) transmit import filings to CBP via ACE, (3) transmit only information to CBP that has been requested by CBP or CDC, and (4) check the CDC’s importation website regularly for updated guidance for electronic filing.

The CDC notes that the following processes will remain as paper-based submissions: (1) human remains for interment or cremation after entering the U.S., and (2) Form 75.37, Notice to Owners and Importers of Dogs (Requirement for Dog Confinement).

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