About The Webinar

Consumer studies have consistently shown that Americans claim to seek “Made in USA” products.  The problem is that different federal and state standards exist, for different types of products, creating confusion as to when and how products can be designated “Made in USA.” This webinar will provide an overview of issues and guidelines related to “Made in USA” marking and advertising specific to textile and apparel products.

Key Topics

  • Federal “Made in USA” marking standards under the Textile Act and Wool Act as compared to the Federal Trade Commission Act for non-textile products
  • What portions of a textile or apparel product must be considered in the federal “Made in USA” analysis?
  • What are qualified “Made in USA” claims?
  • “Assembled in USA”
  • California “Made in USA” marking
  • “Made in California” marking
  • “Made in USA” advertising
  • Enforcement of “Made in USA” marking and advertising claims

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Elise Shibles


ELISE SHIBLES is a Member of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., resident in the San Francisco office. She advises and counsels clients on trade agreement and preference program requirements for a variety of different types of goods under U.S. and non-U.S. trade programs including NAFTA, QIZ, ASEAN-China and EU-Vietnam, among others. She also has extensive expertise in all aspects of textile and apparel trade and policy including classification, origin, marking, drafting and reviewing proposed legislation, and strategy for trade negotiations. 



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