The Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to make a number of revisions to FWS Form 3-177, the declaration for imports or exports of fish or wildlife. Comments are due no later than July 5.

Under the Endangered Species Act it is unlawful to import or export fish, wildlife, or plants without filing a declaration or report as necessary for enforcing the ESA or upholding the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. With some exceptions, individuals, businesses, and others importing into or exporting from the U.S. any fish or wildlife must complete Form 3-177 and file it with the FWS at the time of import/export.

Form 3-177 currently collects information such as the item’s scientific and common name and country of origin; date of import/export; import/export license number; permit number; port of clearance; and name and contact information of the importer/exporter, customs broker, shipping agent, and freight forwarder.

The FWS is now proposing to add fields to this form to collect the following information.

- container number for fish or wildlife shipped via ocean cargo, which will help FWS inspectors locate shipments at seaports and thus expedite the inspection process

- U.S. permit numbers other than CITES (e.g., those required under the ESA, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, or the Lacey Act), which will enable the FWS to better ascertain what is being imported or exported and tie it to what is being permitted

- designated port exception permit number, which will help FWS track permits and ensure that importers and exporters are authorized to use the ports they are seeking to use

- CITES tag or marking number for sport-hunted wildlife species that require a CITES tag or marking for import, export, and in-transit shipments (e.g., black rhinoceros, crocodilians, elephants, leopards, and markhor), which will improve FWS’ ability to inspect shipments of these species, expedite inspections, and improve enforcement

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