The Department of Commerce is accepting through June 30 public comments on the export competitiveness of climate adaptation and resilience-related technologies and services to enhance its understanding of opportunities and challenges for U.S. exporters.

According to the DOC, industries and sectors encompassed by this inquiry include the following.

- emergency response and preparedness, including early warning systems

- professional engineering and design services to improve infrastructure resilience

- hydro-meteorological systems and forecasting, mapping, data analysis, and other climate

information services

- energy resilience (which may be provided or enhanced by minigrids, microgrids, electricity grid weatherization and monitoring, energy efficiency and demand-side management, energy storage, or fuel cells)

- environmental technologies, such as water supply, wastewater treatment, solid waste management, and environmental remediation

- information and communications technology for resilient and redundant communication systems and digital and ICT application solutions that support resilient climate-smart communities

- water use efficiency, water storage and production solutions, and information technology

applications for water and wastewater operators

- resilient transportation systems adapted to respond to direct and indirect consequences of climate change

- coastal and flood protection

- technologies and services that facilitate the adaptation of marine ecosystems to future

climate conditions or enable the sustainable use of ocean resources and the ocean economy under future climate conditions

- climate-smart food systems, including agriculture, aquaculture, and fisheries

- infrastructure and engineering services and sustainable building materials and nature-based or other innovative or traditional infrastructure solutions designed to provide protection against anticipated climate impacts

- capital markets solutions including green bonds and technology for collecting and aggregating data related to or of value for adaptation and climate resilience

- innovative insurance products that address climate adaptation and resilience concerns

- sustainable lending and financing products that support financing climate adaptation and

improved climate resilience

According to the DOC, comments submitted will inform the International Trade Administration’s export promotion, commercial diplomacy, and trade compliance efforts and will also assist in the development of trade promotion programs to support U.S. exporters of climate adaptation and resilience-related technologies and services, including by addressing relevant trade barriers.

Comments will also inform the U.S. Trade and Development Agency’s efforts to develop project preparation activities like feasibility studies, technical assistance, and pilot projects, as well as partnership-building activities including reverse trade missions, industry events, and expert workshops, to link U.S. companies to climate adaptation and resilience-related export opportunities while fostering climate adaptation and sustainable infrastructure development in developing and middle-income countries.

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