The International Trade Administration and/or International Trade Commission have recently announced the following actions in antidumping and/or countervailing duty cases. For more information on AD/CV duty issues, including how to mitigate liability, please contact attorney Kristen Smith at (202) 730-4965 or via email.

Acetone – dumping margin of zero in preliminary results of administrative review of AD duty order on acetone from Korea for the period March 1, 2021, through Feb. 28, 2022

Ammonium sulfate – continuation of AD and CV duty orders on ammonium sulfate from China, effective April 5

Request reviews – May 1 deadline to request administrative reviews of the following AD and CV duty orders for the periods April 1, 2022, through March 31, 2023 (AD) and Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2022 (CV), unless otherwise noted

- 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (R-134a) from China (AD)

- activated carbon from China (AD)

- aluminum foil from China (AD/CV)

- alloy and carbon steel threaded rod from China (AD)

- biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia (AD)

- carbon and alloy steel threaded rod from India (AD/CV) and China (CV)

- common alloy aluminum sheet from Bahrain (AD/CV), Brazil (AD), Croatia (AD), Egypt (AD), Germany (AD), India (AD/CV), Indonesia (AD), Italy (AD), Oman (AD), Romania (AD), Serbia (AD), Slovenia (AD), South Africa (AD), Spain (AD), Taiwan (AD, and Turkey (AD/CV)

- drawn stainless steel sinks from China (AD/CV)

- magnesium metal from China (AD)

- mobile access equipment and subassemblies thereof from China (AD; Sept. 30, 2021, through March 31, 2023)

- non-malleable cast iron pipe fittings from China (AD)

- phosphate fertilizers from Morocco and Russia (CV)

- phosphor copper from Korea (AD)

- rubber bands from Thailand (AD)

- seamless carbon and alloy steel standard, line, and pressure pipe from Czech Republic (AD)

- silicon metal from Bosnia and Herzegovina (AD), Iceland (AD), and Kazakhstan (CV)

- stainless steel sheet and strip from China (AD/CV)

- standard steel welded wire mesh from Mexico (CV)

- steel threaded rod from China (AD)

- twist ties from China (AD/CV)

- wooden cabinets and vanities and components thereof from China (AD/CV)

Steel wire rod – sunset review determination that revocation of CV duty order on carbon and alloy steel wire rod from Turkey would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of subsidies at levels of 3.81 to 6.09 percent

Wood flooring – sunset review determination that revocation of AD and CV duty orders on multilayered wood flooring from China would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of dumping at margins up to 25.62 percent and countervailable subsidies at rates of 1.9 to 43.96 percent

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