FTZ feasibility analysis - Confirm your internal analysis or conduct an independent analysis. 

FTZ Board Applications - Prepare, file, and secure approval for all possible filings at the Foreign-Trade Zones Board in Washington, D.C., in conjunction with local FTZ grantee organizations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico and the nearly 300 U.S. Customs and Border Protection offices.

  • Alternative Site Framework
    • Boundary modifications for a subzone or usage-driven site
    • zone conversion to ASF application 
    • service area expansion application for a grantee
    • subzone/usage-driven site expansion application
    • magnet site expansion
  • Traditional Site Framework
    • boundary modifications for a subzone
    • subzone applications for companies not in an ASF service area
    • boundary modification
    • magnet site expansion
    • scope determination requests
  • Manufacturing 
    • production notifications (including interim approval)
    • production applications
    • scope of authority updates for existing subzones
  • State Tax
    • state tax incentive identification and assistance (e.g., Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Activation Approval - Prepare, coordinate, and advocate for the company with CBP throughout the activation process to secure activation approval and “go live.” 

  • Activation applications - Develop and submit detailed letter to local CBP port director stating: 
    • area to be activated
    • scope of operations
    • specific authorities requested from CBP
    • bond amount calculation 
    • background check documents
    • grantee organization concurrence
    • security features
    • CBP cargo security survey request
  • FTZ operations manual
  • Securing FTZ operator’s bond
  • Conducting preliminary FTZ security walk-through of facility in advance of CBP visit third-party software provider (assist decision-making on a service provider if necessary)

On-site audits/spot-checks of zone projects

Production equipment deferral – Secure customs duty deferral for production equipment imported for use in the zone

Subzone corporate reorganizations - For subzones that are sold or reorganized into a different operating entity, we can assist in all actions necessary to complete the process

Supply chain disruption assistance - Many subzones are in immediate need of overflow FTZ activated warehouse space and we can help locate available emergency space or quickly develop a plan to add zone space for overflow storage

Grantee compliance - nearly 300 grantee organizations have unique roles and obligations in the FTZ program

  • training seminar specifically for grantee legal requirements
  • zone schedule updates
  • agreements and contract support
  • annual report assistance
  • marketing
  • marketing plan
  • marketing materials
  • on-site FTZ meetings and marketing presentations
  • ongoing 24/7 grantee support as needed

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