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CBP Seeks Input on Info Collections on Holders/Containers and User Fees

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

CBP is accepting comments through April 13 on the proposed extension without change of the following information collections.

Holders or Containers Which Enter the U.S. Duty Free – Substantial holders or containers of foreign manufacture may enter the U.S. duty free if duty was paid upon a previous importation. 19 CFR 10.41b allows such entry without the filing of entry papers if the holders or containers are marked on a metal tag or plate, in clear and conspicuous letters of such a size that they will be easily discernible, to indicate under which HTSUS subheading they are entitled to duty-free entry. For HTSUS 9801.00.10, these markings must also include the name of the owner and serial number assigned by the owner. For HTSUS 9803.00.50 (used for serially numbered holders or containers of foreign manufacture), these markings must include the port code numbers of the port of entry, the entry number, the last two digits of the fiscal year of entry covering the importation of the holders and containers on which duty was paid, the name of the owner, and the serial number assigned by the owner.

User Fees – CBP’s collection of user fees requires the submission of information from the party remitting the fees. This information is submitted on three forms, including CBP Form 339A for aircraft, CBP Form 339C for commercial vehicles and CBP Form 339V for vessels. In addition, CBP requires express consignment courier facilities to file lists of couriers using the facility as well as quarterly reports.

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