Please attend the below ST&R and Thomson Reuters joint seminar.
我们诚挚地邀请您参加ST&R和Thomson Reuters联合研讨会。

Date: 9-10-2020

日期: 2020年9月10日

8:30-9:00 AM Registration
9:00-12:00 AM Seminar
1:00-1:30 PM Registration
1:30-4:30 PM Seminar  

8:30-9:00AM 登记
9:00-12:00AM 研讨会
1:00-1:30PM 登记
1:30-4:30pm 研讨会

Guest speaker from Thomson Reuters 
Harry Zhang, VP, Greater China Practice Leader; Sandler, Travis and Rosenberg (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Harry Zhang, 大中国区副总裁

Venue: LE ROYAL MERIDIEN SHANGHAI 789 Nanjing Road East, Shanghai

地址: 上海世茂皇家艾美酒店 中国上海南京东路789号

Language: English/Mandarin

语言: 中文、英文

Registration: By invitation only, the fee is RMB 600 per person, RMB 500 for 2nd person from the same company.  注册: 仅限受邀人士人民币600元/位,同公司第二位起400元/位。


Topics / 主题

U.S. Export Control Sharing


Section 301 Update


E-commerce Introduction


Royalty Fee Development


Systemized Trade Management 系统化贸易管理


About the Seminar

While the world was relieved after the U.S. and China reached a Phase I agreement on Jan. 15, 2020, prior measures taken by both superpowers will still have long lasting effects on the future. The U.S. Department of Commerce has or is about to implement two further actions against China in 2020.

First, on May 22, 2019, the U.S. Department of Commerce published a ruling regarding imposing strict export control on Huawei. This does not only affect Huawei itself, but also all vendors in the 5G telecommunication supply chain. Moreover, unlike China dual-use regulation, U.S. export control is more complicated and affects more companies. Any companies involved in trading commodities with U.S. content are likely to be affected. This program will review  cost-effective methods to implement a global compliance program and avoid potential export control violations.

Second, Section 301 additional tariffs have been in place for about a year, as have some exclusions. There will be public hearings on products from all four lists in the next quarter. This program will review other effective duty mitigation China exporters can explore if the exclusions do not get extended.

Also, China Customs is also evolving its practices on several key aspects.

E-commerce, a new but growing market for global manufacturers, is getting unprecedented attention in China. No other country in the world has more reason to develop regulations and rules for the e-commerce market. In 2020, China published <E-commerce Law>, regulating AEO standards for E-commerce companies. This program will explore the similarities and differences between traditional trade and E-commerce, and potential ways e-commerce trade regulation will develop.

The program will also feature updates regarding China Customs' latest practice regarding royalty assessment, which has been affirmed through various communications with local Customs. This update appears to contradict local Customs’ previous practice. It is likely that local Customs are re-assessing the nature of the “royalty fee”, and escalating this kind of case to different level of Customs enforcement. The program will review how companies can prepare for Customs’ future investigation on royalty fee.

While human error is inevitable in daily operation, it is not only detrimental to accuracy, but also causes consequences for export control compliance at a time when trade professionals are facing even more rapid changes in the trade environment. Questions for trade professionals include:

  1. Do you know the MFN rate of your product when imported into U.S.? Is there any AD/CVD? How about other countries?
  2. Do you know the last time U.S. Department of Commerce issued the Entity List? Is your client enlisted?
  3. When was the last time you thought about the efficacy of your supply chain?
  4. Are you facing challenges in unpredictable and consistent regulatory changes, with no single source of truth and reduced transparency of end to end control procedures? 









  1. 你是否了解您的产品在美国的最惠国税率?是否有反倾销反补贴税?其他国家呢?
  2. 你知道美国商务部最近一次更新实体清单是什么时候?你的客户是否受到影响?
  3. 你最近一次评估供应链是什么时候?
  4. 近期,各国贸易相关法律法规不断变化且难以预测的情况下,你可曾希望有一个单一的事实来源,从而降低国与国之间出口管制的透明度?

About the Hosts

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., (ST&R), a U.S. based law firm, is the largest dedicated international trade, customs and export law firm in the world. Since 2015, ST&R stepped up its China Customs consulting with the opening of offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai to its worldwide clients.

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., (ST&R), 是一家总部位于美国的律师事务所,是全球最大的,具有四十年以上历史的,专门从事国际贸易,海关和出口相关事宜的律师事务所。自2015年以来,ST&R在香港,广州和上海开设了办公室,为其全球的客户开展与中国海关相关的咨询服务。

To maintain high efficiency and effectiveness, a few well-known trade compliance systems have emerged in the market. Among them, Thomson Reuters, a trusted solution provider, has developed such a multifunctional trade compliance system for all trade professionals, which could help to enhance your global synchronization, alert any potential risk, filling in control gaps etc.

为增强出口管制的有效性与及时性,许多全球知名的贸易合规系统已经上线。其中,Thomson Reuters作为一家值得信任的商业方案解决者,也为所有贸易从业人员研发了一个多功能的贸易合规系统。该系统可以增强贵公司的全球同步,预警潜在风险,并且弥补管控漏洞。

To Attend

If you are interested in attending the seminar, please send the below information to Lily Liu. As seats are limited, please reply early. For questions, please contact Lily Liu at or +86 (21) 5467 7877.  +86 183 2137 193

如果您有兴趣参加此次专题研讨会,请填写下列信息并发送至: 由于位置有限,请及早回复。如果您对此次研讨会有任何以为,请随时联系Lily Liu ( 或 +86 (21) 5467 7877),+86 183 2137 1938

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