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After years of inactivity, Section 301 was unleashed by the Trump administration to impose import tariffs on Chinese goods in response to intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer. The Biden administration has maintained those tariffs and continues to hold open the possibility of Section 301 tariffs on other trading partners as well over issues ranging from digital services taxes to currency manipulation to, most recently, Chinese electric vehicles. These actions by two subsequent Administrations - whose policies differ significantly otherwise – are representative of broad bi-partisan support for Section 301, and potential wide-ranging problems for importers. Join ST&R to examine how Section 301 works, its potential targets, and its future as an element of U.S. trade policy.

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Edward Steiner

Senior Director, International Trade & Government Relations

EDWARD STEINER is Senior Director, International Trade and Governmental Relations, for Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., resident in the Washington, D.C., office. Mr. Steiner has over two decades of experience in the fields of public policy and international trade and development.



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