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The watch provisions within the Harmonized Tariff Schedule are among the most challenging due to the multiple breakouts requiring importers to classify and appraise at a component as opposed to a product level. In many cases, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has questioned and challenged the entry declarations of unsuspecting watch importers, which can result in liability for years of back duties and even penalties. This webinar will examine how to best address CBP’s watch inquiries and audits and to identify opportunities to reduce duty payments.

Key Topics

  • Classification: Finding favorable watch construction provisions to avoid China retaliatory or other higher duties
  • Value apportionment: Advocating for component appraisement based on your documentation and data instead of third-party data
  • Compliance: Establishing reasonable care to avoid retroactive duties and penalties
  • Duty savings: Leveraging first sale, trade preferences, and other programs
  • Marking and origin: Using the substantial transformation test to your advantage
  • Trademarks: Meeting the elusive Swiss certification standard

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Lenny P. Feldman


Lenny Feldman is a Senior Member of ST&R who has counseled thousands of companies on creating “comply chains” while increasing efficiencies and lowering costs. He concentrates his practice in complex issues pertaining to import and export compliance, valuation, trade preference/country of origin, penalty mitigation, supply chain security (including CTPAT), intellectual property, and other programs involving CBP and other government agencies. He is recognized internationally as a leading strategic advisor having co-chaired and served on CBP’s Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee under three administrations.


Sherri R. Moslowitz


Sherri Moslowitz is an auditor for Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., resident in the New York office. She is directly involved with the coordination and conduct of quick response importer audits, risk analysis and survey assessments (RASA), and focused assessment reviews performed by CBP as well as the preparation and submission of prior disclosures. She also assists clients in matters involving valuation (e.g., related party transfer pricing issues, entry reconciliation programs, and first sale transactions), classification, foreign-trade zone compliance, duty preferences and free trade agreements, and other customs-related compliance issues. She began her career as an auditor with the U.S. Customs Service’s New York Regulatory Audit Division and later served as an assistant controller with a manufacturing and import company.



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