About The Webinar

Surprise! You just got an emergency action notice that the wood packing material accompanying that multimillion-dollar machine you imported is in violation of regulations on Wood Packing Material (WPM) treatment and marking. If you don’t return the shipment within the 48 hours CBP gives you, a penalty on the value of not just the WPM but the entire shipment can be assessed.

CBP has been accelerating enforcement of the WPM regulations as a lucrative revenue-raising mechanism, but importers are frequently unaware of the regulations until they receive these notices.

This webinar will review current WPM requirements, how to respond to notices from CBP and USDA, and ways to mitigate penalties, as well as precautions importers can take to avoid violations and penalties in the first place.

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Key Topics

  • Current WPM requirements
  • How to respond to notices from CBP and USDA
  • Ways to mitigate penalties
  • Precautions importers can take to avoid violations and penalties in the first place.


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Beth C. Ring

Senior Member

Beth Ring, Esq. is a Senior Member of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A. Ms. Ring has more than 45 years of experience covering the broad range of customs and trade issues for clients across diverse industries. She has extensive experience in representing importers regarding classification, valuation, transaction structuring, duty preference programs, trade remedy laws, and trade policy issues. She also leads the firm’s Consumer Product Safety practice.



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