The Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is inviting comments no later than April 20 on information collections associated with the following.

Endangered Species Regulations and Forfeiture Procedures – USDA regulations require a general permit to engage in the business of importing or exporting terrestrial plants listed in 50 CFR parts 17 and 23. APHIS collects information on such shipments using the following information activities: application for protected plant permit (PPQ 621), appeal of denial of general permit, marketing and notification requirements, notice of arrival (PPQ 368), notice of exportation, marking requirements, validation of documents, recordkeeping, submitting reports from records required to be kept, waiver of forfeiture procedures by owner of seized property (PPQ 623), petition for remission or mitigation of forfeiture (PPQ 626), and request for return of property.

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy; Importation of Animals and Animal Products – APHIS collects information to prevent BSE incursion into the United States using the following.

- import permit application (VS Form 16-3)

- certificate for inedible processed ovine/caprine origin materials and products from a region not listed in 9 CFR 95.4

- cooperative service agreement

- certification statement for ovine/caprine products from regions listed in 9 CFR 95.4 and for inedible processed animal proteins derived from ovines/caprines

- seals

- notification of designation of persons authorized to break seals

- agreements with slaughter facilities concerning the use of seals on conveyances transporting animals from Canada

- notification regarding conditions of sealed shipments

- animals imported for immediate slaughter (VS form 17-33)

- certification statement for ruminants

- ruminants imported to designated/approved feedlots (VS form 17-130)

- permit for movement of restricted animals (VS form 1-27)


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