The Bureau of Industry and Security is seeking comments by Sept. 13 on whether the legitimate commercial activities and interests of chemical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical firms in the U.S. would be harmed by the proposed addition of five chemical families (see attached for details) to Schedule 1 in the Chemical Weapons Convention. Such an action, which is still under consideration by CWC members, would impose limitations on access to, and production of, the compounds included in these five chemical families.

Schedule 1 chemicals are toxic chemicals and precursors identified in the CWC Annex on Chemicals. The CWC Regulations that implement the CWC prohibit imports of Schedule 1 chemicals from, and exports of such chemicals to, states not party to the CWC. These regulations also require advance notification and annual reporting of all imports and exports of Schedule 1 chemicals from or to other countries party to the CWC.

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