The Consumer Product Safety Commission is accepting comments through Sept. 4 on its proposal to issue a mandatory safety standard for stationary activity centers. If this standard is finalized it will also be a children's product safety rule that requires the issuance of a notice of requirements to explain how laboratories can become accredited as third-party conformity assessment bodies to test products to the new standard.

The proposed standard would incorporate by reference, without change, voluntary standard ASTM F2012-18, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Stationary Activity Centers. As defined by that standard, an SAC is a freestanding product intended to remain stationary that enables a sitting or standing occupant whose torso is completely surrounded by the product to walk, rock, play, spin, or bounce, or all of these, within a limited range of motion. The intended users are children who have not yet reached the developmental milestone of walking.

SACs vary in style and design complexity but typically consist of a seating area that is suspended from a frame by springs or supported from the bottom by a fixed base. Doorway jumpers are not included.


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