The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is requesting comments by Aug. 11 on trade and investment policy actions, including responsible business conduct, to advance racial and gender equity and support for historically underserved communities. Comments will be used to help USTR develop inclusive objectives and positions in all trade and investment policy areas for both enhanced engagement and subsequent negotiations.

Comments may respond to any or all of the following questions.

- What meaningful and substantive trade policies, actions, or provisions should be considered that would advance racial and gender equity, equality, and empowerment in U.S. trade and investment policy? If applicable, what existing tools can be better utilized for these goals?

- What new and innovative tools, structures, and capacity should the U.S. government adopt to advance inclusive trade and investment policy?

- How can trade and investment policy address multiple, intersecting barriers to advancing equity for underserved persons (e.g., rural communities, race/ethnicity, gender, and persons with disabilities)?

- What best practices should USTR consider to ensure that advancing equity, equality, and economic empowerment is standardized in community and stakeholder engagement regarding the development and implementation of U.S. trade and investment policy?

- Are there specific engagement and consultation considerations and/or processes that should be considered in incorporating equity into U.S. trade and investment policy?

- What key actions should the U.S. government pursue with trade partners and allies to ensure that the benefits from trade and investment policy reach underserved communities?

- Are there trade policies, provisions, or actions that are detrimental to advancing racial and gender equity, equality, and economic empowerment? If so, how should they be corrected?

- How can trade policymaking better respond to the specific interests of different U.S. regions and local communities?

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