The International Trade Commission has recently announced the following actions in intellectual property rights infringement investigations.

For more information on pursuing or mitigating IPR-related import restrictions, please contact customs and trade attorney Lee Sandler at (305) 894-1000.

Digital video receivers – in investigation 337-TA-1103, issuance of (1) a limited exclusion order prohibiting the entry of infringing digital video receivers and related hardware and software components and (2) cease and desist orders directed to the respondents

Networking products – termination without import restrictions of patent infringement investigation 337-TA-1131 of wireless mesh networking products and related components thereof in light of finding of no violation

Roofing products – new IPR infringement complaint on synthetic roofing underlayment products and components thereof (complainant Kirsch Research and Development LLC; proposed respondents located in the U.S.)

Shaker screens – termination of patent and trademark infringement investigation 337-TA-1184 of shaker screens for drilling fluids, components thereof, and related marketing materials with respect to two respondents based on a consent order with complainant M-I LLC

Slide closures – in patent infringement investigation 337-TA-1171 of child-resistant closures with slider devices having a user-actuated insertable torpedo for selectively opening the closures and slider devices therefor, May 21 deadline for comments on whether the issuance of the recommended exclusion and/or cease and desist orders would affect the public health and welfare in the U.S., competitive conditions in the U.S. economy, the production of like or directly competitive articles in the U.S., or U.S. consumers


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