The Fish and Wildlife System is seeking importers, exporters and brokers to voluntarily participate in a pilot test slated to begin July 4 of the collection of required FWS data and documents for cargo shipments through the Automated Commercial Environment. Those interested should send the FWS an email titled “ITDS Pilot Participation.” Based on the responses to its request for volunteers the FWS will work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to determine how the pilot will be conducted, including pilot ports and commodities.

The FWS is taking this step to prepare for the Nov. 1 deadline for the filing in ACE of all data associated with the release of imported cargo, including data related to participating government agencies, and the associated entry summaries. The agency is working with CBP to create an interface between ACE and the FWS electronic filing system (eDecs) and is in discussion on the FWS message set and design requirements for both imports and exports.


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