The Department of Commerce, in coordination with CBP, has announced a new functionality in the Automated Commercial Environment for importers entering merchandise that is the subject of an antidumping and/or countervailing duty certification. This new functionality will be effective May 2.

Specifically, when the DOC determines in the context of an AD/CV proceeding that a certification is required, it may determine, alone or in conjunction with other requirements, that the importer must declare that its merchandise is being entered subject to a certification requirement using an additional declaration type code in ACE at the time of entry summary. This code will represent a claim that, for example, the entered merchandise is entitled to a specific company AD/CV rate or, alternatively, a claim that the entered merchandise is not subject to an AD/CV duty order.

The DOC indicates that use of this increased visibility in ACE will strengthen enforcement of AD/CV duty orders, allowing for easier identification of merchandise subject to an AD/CV certification. Accordingly, as of May 2 and as determined by the DOC in any given AD/CV proceeding, the DOC and CBP may require that importers entering merchandise into the U.S. that is the subject of an AD/CV certification identify their merchandise as such with the new importer’s additional declaration type code submitted at the time of entry summary. The Cargo Systems Messaging Service message announcing this new functionality will provide additional instructions regarding the importer’s additional declaration type code.

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