The Bureau of Industry and Security is seeking new members for its seven technical advisory committees, which advise BIS on the technical parameters for export controls applicable to dual-use items (commodities, software, and technology) and on the administration of those controls.

- Information Systems TAC: Commerce Control List categories 3 (electronics), 4 (computers), and 5 (telecommunications and information security)

- Materials TAC: CCL category 1 (materials, chemicals, microorganisms, and toxins)

- Materials Processing Equipment TAC: CCL category 2 (materials processing)

- Sensors and Instrumentation TAC: CCL category 6 (sensors and lasers)

- Transportation and Related Equipment TAC: CCL categories 7 (navigation and avionics), 8 (marine), and 9 (propulsion systems, space vehicles, and related equipment)

- Emerging Technology TAC: identification of emerging and foundational technologies that may be developed over five to ten years with potential dual-use applications)

- Regulations and Procedures TAC: Export Administration Regulations and procedures for implementing them

The TACs are composed of representatives from industry, academia, and the U.S. government and reflect diverse points of view on the concerns of the exporting community. Industry representatives are selected from firms producing a broad range of items currently controlled for national security, nonproliferation, foreign policy, and short supply reasons or that are proposed for such controls. Representation from the private sector is balanced to the extent possible among large and small firms.

No member of any TAC may be registered as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act or may represent a company that is majority owned or controlled by a foreign government entity.

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