The International Trade Administration’s Enforcement and Compliance office is extending by 40 days all deadlines for E&C proceedings in light of the recent federal government shutdown. This extension applies to every proceeding before this office as of Jan. 28, including the following (but excluding court-ordered redeterminations).

- proceedings related to the Foreign-Trade Zones Board

- submission of comments not connected with a specific proceeding (e.g., on proposed changes in methodology)

- E&C actions such as preliminary and final determinations in investigations and administrative reviews in antidumping and countervailing duty proceedings

- actions by parties to E&C proceedings (e.g., submission of AD/CV questionnaire responses, supplemental questionnaire responses, pre- and post-hearing briefs, substantive responses in sunset reviews, etc.)

In addition, for AD/CV duty orders and suspension agreements with December and January anniversary months, all requests for administrative reviews will be due by Feb. 28.

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