U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that to allow additional time for the testing of statements in the Automated Commercial Environment it is splitting its upcoming ACE deployment into two components.

- As of Dec. 9, ACE filing of the electronic foreign-trade zone application (e214) will be mandatory and manufacturer identification creation capabilities will be deployed.

- From Dec. 9 to Jan. 6 new ACE statement reports REV-101, REV-102, REV-103, and REV-104 will be available for trade validation and testing but will not be actionable. The trade community will continue to file statements in the Automated Commercial Environment until Jan. 6.

- As of Jan. 6 ACE will become the system of record for all statements (except reconciliation statements, which will be delivered Feb. 24).

- No later than Jan. 13 CBP will deploy ACE statement reports with ACE statement data and the legacy ACE account revenue reports universe will no longer be available.


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