A petition filed Jan. 26 alleges that cast iron soil pipe from China is being sold at less than fair value in the U.S. market and benefitting from countervailable subsidies. The alleged dumping margin is 238.13 percent.

Cast iron soil pipe is used primarily in building construction (hospitals, schools, and residential, commercial, and industrial structures) for sanitary and storm drain, waste, and vent piping applications. The petition covers cast iron soil pipe whether finished or unfinished, regardless of industry or proprietary specifications, and regardless of wall thickness, length, diameter, surface finish, end finish, or stenciling. Both hubless and hub and spigot cast iron soil pipe are included. Subject imports are currently classified under HTSUS 7303.00.0030.

The Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission will next determine whether to launch AD/CV duty and injury investigations, respectively, on this product. There are strict statutory deadlines associated with these proceedings, so affected companies that wish to protect their interests should contact trade counsel as soon as possible.

For more information contact Kristen Smith at (202) 730-4965 or David Craven at (312) 279-2844.


Kristen S. Smith
Member, Trade Remedies Practice Group Leader

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