Absolute quotas, tariff-rate quotas, and other import restrictions limit the amount of specified products that may be imported into the U.S., either in absolute terms or under normal duty rates. Today they are most often applied to agricultural goods, including sugar-containing products and certain dairy items, as well as articles of iron and steel. These measures can have a significant impact on sourcing decisions and import-related costs.

Why Use ST&R’s Import Quotas, Licenses & Permits Services

Compliance: ST&R’s decades of expertise in the details of applicable laws and regulations allow us to guide you efficiently and effectively through the process of compliance.

Cost savings: By understanding quota limits and requirements, and acting quickly within established timeframes, you can see a significant reduction in duty and other costs on your imports.

Competition: We can help you get a leg up on competitors by maximizing your chances of getting goods subject to quotas or other restrictions into U.S. or helping you identify alternate, unrestricted sources of supply.


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