Managing import risks and avoiding CBP investigations, audits, and other enforcement measures are high on every importer’s to-do list. In an environment where laws and regulations are constantly changing and business operations must adjust accordingly, the best way to achieve these goals is developing and implementing effective compliance procedures that take your unique operating environment into account.

ST&R helps companies develop manuals that document the internal controls and customs compliance procedures used in the day-to-day operations of their business. We also conduct compliance reviews that evaluate risks, identify potential deficiencies, and recommend any needed corrections or improvements. These reviews can also uncover opportunities for cost savings and increased efficiencies.

Why Use ST&R’s Compliance Reviews, Manuals, and Procedures Services

Experience: ST&R’s staff includes five auditors who have served in CBP’s Office of Regulatory Audit as well as former CBP attorneys who have conducted numerous audits of private-sector companies.


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