AAEI’s theme for the 97th Annual AAEI Conference and Expo is Inflection Point: The Future of Trade Policy, Technology and Globalization. The program agenda is designed for exporters and importers whose businesses are beginning a new, faster era of trade in a equally new environment of uncertain U.S. trade policy.

Michael Cerny will speak on the "Drawback...Clear as Mud" panel, and Bill Maloney will speak on the "Made in USA, Buy USA Rules" panel. ST&R professionals Lee Sandler, Rob DeCamp, Tom Gould, and Ned Steiner will be attending.

For more information and to register, click here. 


Robert D. DeCamp
Partner, Advisory Committee
William J. Maloney
Senior Member
Gilbert Lee Sandler
Founder and Counsel
Edward Steiner
Senior Director, International Trade & Government Relations

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