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Creation of the Firm

In February 1977, two young attorneys opened the door of a small New York City office and launched a new kind of law firm. Now, Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., is one of the premier international trade, customs and export law firms, providing an ever-expanding range of services to clients moving goods, personnel and ideas across international borders.

“From day one we knew that to survive we had to provide our clients the absolute best service possible, and to do that we’d have to have people who were the absolute best at what they do,” ST&R Managing Partner Tom Travis said. “We’ve never lost sight of that vision, and today we have top-notch professionals, including former senior government officials, legislative staff, customs brokers, freight forwarders, economists, auditors, accountants, import specialists and trade analysts. We believe we’re well-positioned to continue to expand and be successful for another 40 years and beyond.”

Founding Member Lee Sandler added that adaptability and foresight have also helped ST&R get to where it is. “The world is a very different place now than it was then, and that goes for the international trade environment as well,” he said. “We started out helping textile and apparel importers figure out the best way to bring their goods into the United States, but over the years we’ve branched out into government relations, litigation, trade remedies, labor issues, corporate social responsibility, product safety, food and drug issues, you name it. Laws and regulations are constantly changing, but our four decades of experience as one of the few trade-only law firms out there has allowed us to help clients respond to these challenges and take advantage of the new opportunities they can offer.”

ST&R provides governments, manufacturers, importers, exporters and retailers the advice and counsel they require to succeed amid the constantly changing demands of global trade.

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