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“STTAS and ST&R professionals and staff are available to assist you and your company to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your import and export operations.”

– Tom Travis, Esq.

International Trade Leaders

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, PA (ST&R) and Sandler & Travis Trade Advisory Services (STTAS) together form the largest customs and international trade services provider in the world. Our strengths lie in the experience and creative problem-solving skills of the hard-working global trade professionals who make up the Sandler Travis team.

The sun never sets on ST&R/STTAS.

Operating throughout North America, South America, Asia and Europe, the ST&R/STTAS reach is truly global. Our clients include some of the largest multinational corporations in the world as well as small to mid-sized importers and exporters. We represent and provide services to manufacturers, customs brokers, agents and vendors, retailers and government officials from dozens of different countries.

Our focus is on International Trade.

Our core competencies include any and all matters concerning the movement of goods, services and intellectual property from one country to another, regardless of point of export or import.

Our services run from helping a small startup importer or exporter form systems and procedures to successfully move its business forward to creating and maintaining managed services to tackle the day-to-day customs and trade needs of world industry leaders. We help companies secure their supply chains and we help governments create customs and security infrastructures to ensure the integrity of those supply chains.

ST&R’s legal team works hard to secure our clients’ rights and defend their interests. When those rights and interests are threatened, we aggressively defend them before government agencies, the courts and international customs bodies. ST&R’s government relations professionals engage in trade negotiations on behalf of nations, opening doors for developing countries to pursue economic growth by helping their business communities participate in the international marketplace.

Together, the Sandler Travis firms—ST&R and STTAS—offer unsurpassed excellence in international trade.

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