About The Webinar

This 30-minute update reviews the latest trade policy developments and offers predictions on what may happen in the near future. Topics will include the following.

  • potential impact of elections on trade policy
  • U.S. trade sanctions and disputes
  • Section 301 actions on China, Vietnam, France, and EU countries
  • lawsuits against government
  • legislation on trade-related matters
  • forced labor
  • WTO developments


J. Nicole Bivens Collinson

President, International Trade & Government Relations

NICOLE BIVENS COLLINSON leads the International Trade and Government relations practice of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., and serves as managing principal of the Washington, D.C., office. She is also a member of the Firm's Operating Committee. Ms. Collinson has over 25 years of experience in government, public affairs and lobbying and has appeared on MSNBC and NPR several times discussing trade issues. She has drafted and guided the successful implementation of several pieces of key international trade legislation positively affecting the bottom line of many U.S. companies. 



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