About The Webinar

As international trade matters continue to make headlines, it’s more important than ever that global companies understand U.S. export control and sanctions laws. From shipping products and doing business internationally to employing foreign nationals, U.S. export control and sanctions laws can impact every part of a company’s operations. This webinar will provide you with critical knowledge and skills to understand the basics of the Department of Commerce’s Export Administration Regulations, the Department of State’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s sanctions regulations. 

Key Topics

  • U.S. export control regimes and their respective controls
  • how to determine the appropriate regulations and export classification for items being exported
  • export license and related screening requirements (e.g., restricted parties, embargoed/sanctioned countries, end-use, red flags, and anti-boycott)
  • complying with the EAR and ITAR deemed export rules for foreign nationals
  • navigating OFAC’s economic sanctions and embargo programs
  • consequences of non-compliance
  • options for mitigating penalties for non-compliance, including through voluntary self-disclosure


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