About The Webinar

The Importer Self-Assessment program, which has been renamed CTPAT Trade Compliance, allows importers to monitor their own compliance with customs laws and regulations in exchange for certain benefits. Over the past year, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been working to make significant changes and improvements to merge ISA with CTPAT, automate the application and reporting process, and identify new importer participant benefits.

However, many companies are still unsure whether CTPAT Trade Compliance is right for them, particularly during today’s uncertain times. This webinar will review (1) the basics of the CTPAT Trade Compliance program, (2) likely future changes and what’s staying the same, (3) CBP expectations for applicants, and (4) tangible best practices for participants as well as techniques for maintaining import compliance over the long term.

Key Topics

  • requirements for participation
  • program benefits
  • recent and anticipated changes
  • factors to consider in applying for the program
  • application review process
  • risk-based approach to controls and compliance
  • internal controls best practices and examples
  • self-monitoring approaches and techniques
  • ongoing responsibilities for program partners


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Daryl R. Moore

Vice President, Customs Audits and Partnership Programs


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